Syringe ink drops on drawing board

“The hush’d wind wails with feeble moan, Like infant charity.” Joanna Bailie, Orra, Act II., Scene 1. The sound of silence interrupted by a dripping tap slowly releasing single droplets. A gentle breeze nudging the elements of a wind chime. Nothing is ever still. This automated drawing machine produces its gestures by way of an interweaving relation between a brush and syringe hung like swaying wind chimes. Gravity forces ink to seep through the syringe allowing a brush to absorb its drops, and consequently express them onto paper as strokes, dashes and dots. The vibrancy of the composition’s layers, in addition to the intensity of the image, is directly proportional to the strength of the wind in various environments: including indoors; a typical Spanish courtyard; and along the coast of Barcelona. It captures the essential feel of the air that touches each passenger’s skin throughout the space over time.


Ekaterina Simakova & Hong Jeng Rung