Pen on pendulum over drawing board

A pendulum sways continuously, an everlasting mechanical exchange between opposing forces. This drawing machine creates lines of varying densities through the inertia and momentum of a pendulum that is propelled by magnetic fields. Suspended by Neodymium magnets is a pen, this system is then repelled by an electromagnet, while in addition several more Neodymium magnets are placed beneath the bed of the machine. The seemingly ‘random’ strokes across the set of drawings are a manifestation of various physical attractions including: the center of gravity, mass in motion, latency, inertia as well as magnetic repulsion acting upon one another. Considering such factors, one might pose the question of whether the notion of ‘randomness’ exists in reality or if it is merely a simplification of highly complex phenomena, which escape the perceptive capacity of humans.


Tobias Deeg & Martin Hristov