Suspended pens (0.1) on drawing board

Pigeongrams are one of the most traditional and antique manifestations of an exchange between humans and nature. This drawing machine is built of an integral bamboo structure, on which, hang allocated elements of pigeon grams. The structure is gently grounded upon paper at the heart of Barcelona’s busy Placa Catalunya, where pigeons are invited to share a moment with the machine as well as its audience in a non-invasive manner. The flow of the pigeons, their relationship with the urban space and humankind, is delicately recorded by suspended pens that dance along with the flow of pigeons in the drawing process. As a result, one can admire the eclectic, organic and sensual movements of a collection of living beings as it is evidenced in a drawing, while simultaneously, the pigeons satisfy their own primal needs. These two dimensional traces show us the primordial animal instinct: survive or cease.


Lina Salamanca & Pedro Levit Arroyo Ventura