First Deviation

First Deviation


18.900 drops  / 8 days / 8 paintings / ink on paper / yellow – blue


A droplet of coloured ink forms and grows at the edge of the nozzle from which it suddenly detaches and starts a free fall in space. The trajectory of the fall deviates, seemingly affected by insignificant vibrations in the air: voices, wind, humidity… until the drop eventually splashes and spreads its colour on the page below.

Every time a droplet falls the canvas is moved by a small distance until an orthogonal grid of stains appears on the page. For every new drawing, the nozzle is placed a little higher, increasing the margin of deviation.

Framed in between two automated devices of high precision – the electronic nozzle and the robotically moving canvas – the space of the fall is where deviations happen, manifested as the colourful impacts on the page.

First deviation is the first of a series of installations that explores and attempts to reveal the non-controllable dimension of physical processes in a creative practice of drawing and other means.

Team: Edouard Cabay, Peter Geelmuyden Magnus, Soroush Garivani, Kunal Singh Chadha

With: Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and ABB

Photography: José Hevia and Peter Geelmuyden Magnus

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Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona – 2018