The Alberti Drawing

The Alberti Drawing


50 hands / 50 pencils / 50 sheets / 14.000 values

50 people, 50 sheets each containing 280 containing 280 values, a metronome. Through this experiment, run at the Architecture School of Versailles, the hands of 50 different people converged into the making of one collective drawing. Unaware of the outcome, each person was presented with a data sheet of numbers: seconds during which they had to scribble on the intersections of a grid of a white 50×70 cm sheet. The sheet came together to reveal the eyes of Leon Battista Alberti, the 15th century Italian Renaissance architect and engineer who , by abstracting drawings into number to enable to reproduction, was the first person to use algorithm in order to make drawings.

Direction: Edouard Cabay with the students of the Architecture School of Versailles, Ensav,

Curator: Guillaume Ramilien

Ensav, Versailles – 2019