Pen (0.1) suspended over drawing board via DC Motor

Looking out at the open sea, the tides crash on the steps below. Their force and rhythm ever-changing; responding to wind as well as boats passing by. The amplitude and frequency of the capricious waves are measured and remapped by the speed of a motor that is extended above paper. From there dangles a single pen caressing the surface of the page with each rotation. As the motor spins, the drawing tool responds, dancing erratically or swaying delicately depending on the aggression of each distinctive wave. Round and round, over and over, relentlessly evidencing a turbine of circular repetitions, which are incrementally moved inward to collect a timeline of data as the pen continues its dance. Start then stop, slow then fast, the transition between these conditions highlights the fickle nature of waves across the seemingly tranquil Mediterranean Sea.


Connor Stevens & Mercedes Swiecicki