12 arms

12 arms


An anatomical drawing.

When a person becomes a drawing device.  Six different people execute a hand drawing from a protocol.  As time runs, the differences in each drawing starts to vanish.

  1.    Aim to go through the points
  2.    Aim to have a constant speed – .5  m/s – no stops
  3.    Your line should be a continuous curve
  4.    Go through all points a roughly equal amount of times
  5.    aim to achieve all possible connections – but don’t be forceful
  6.    no unnecessary inflection points in the curve
  7.    try to do only the above
  8.    this is an experiment that requires your arm and nothing else
  9.       try to disconnect from your intentions
  10.    consider yourself a tool
  11.    try not to have an attitude

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Barcelona – 2017