Atelier Re-

Atelier Re-

2012 – 2015

Re– refers to the ambition of the course to work from an existing environment, may it be buildings, structures, infrastructures, urban plans and to re-think their very existence, re-adapt them to new uses, re-trofit to new conditions, re-visit their architecture.

The Atelier develops a process-based approach to design which is based on the creation of cartographical catalogues of the physical context revealing emergent patterns as opportunities for design.

The Atelier relies on drawing and mapping as exploration tools to develop a process based approach to design. It relies on the creation catalogues of cartography from uncharted information of a context, combined with the use of parametric techniques for drawing. The investigations of this methodology form the body of work that leads us to explore new grounds, possibilities, unseen characteristics. Repetitive graphical translation of these maps enables the emergence of new material and organizational patterns creating a exploitable transitions between mapping and conception initiating the process of design.

All drawings were produced by the students of  the École Spéciale d’Architecture

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Atelier, École Spéciale d’Architecture, Paris – 2012-2015