Cartographical Fiction

Cartographical fiction


an urban experiment on Tallinn’s water system

This project, a didactic experiment, aims to expose the water situation of the city of Tallinn by translating it into a performative machine, revealing water flows, and their chemical and biological compositions, in a cartographical format. More than a mere visualisation tool, the installation is a form of board game, and a machinic fiction that helps to speculate on proposals for alternative ways to address the relationship between Tallinn and its water system.

Project credits
Edouard Cabay – Project management
Maja Piechowiak – Urban research and narrative development
Jeng Rung Hong – Fabrication
Nikolaos Argyros and Hsin Li – Parametric Cartography
Peter Geelmuyden Magnus – Physical Computing

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TAB17 – Tallinn Architecture Biennale – 2017